"Leading from the ground up means empowering local decision makers, reducing unnecessary regulations, un-harnessing business owners to create jobs, giving parents & teachers options to choose curricula without imposed federal standards, and loyalty to hardworking taxpayers.” –Mark MacLean

Common Sense Conservative

★ Pro Gun:
√ NRA Life Member
√ Defending 2nd Amendment Rights

★ Against Common Core:
√ Advocate for local decision making
√ Putting parents, teachers and taxpayers in control

★ Keeping taxes low:
√ Providing families more disposable income
√ Limited state government

★ Pro Jobs:
√ New economic development for Jacksonville
√ High-wage job creation

★ Pro Life:
√ Protecting our most vulnerable

★★★ Meet Mark MacLean

“With Northeast Florida facing a large turnover in the legislature this year, it is critical that we have a strong and united group of legislators heading to Tallahassee,” said Chet Skinner, 2016 President of Northeast Florida Builders Association and President of Skinner Bros. Realty. “We believe Mark MacLean will support the continued economic growth and success of the region.”